I’ve been working and working and working and working on “The Book for four years now – and today, I’m finally able to say that it’s doneI made the last edits, and then spent a solid minute dancing like crazy in the coffee shop bathroom in celebration. I’m still dancing a bit. Honestly I don’t see an end to the dancing. Because…

I finished it! I wrote a book! I WROTE A BOOK!

Phew. Got that out of the system (for now, at least). So I finished it – but what does this mean? Continue reading “I FINISHED!”

Going Back to Go Forward

I want progress. I want to move forward. I want to be better–as a human, as a writer of stories, as a rock climber, as a communicator. In everything, I want to learn and grow. But the thing I’ve discovered about progress is that it’s not as linear as I once thought. I don’t just move forward, step by step, onwards and upwards. More often than not, the best way forward is to go back. Continue reading “Going Back to Go Forward”


There’s a big white elephant here on my website. Here ’tis: it’s June, and my last post was in October. That’s almost 8 full months of inactivity…. Woops. There’s no excuse for this, but there is an explanation.  Continue reading “Hiatus”

On Goals, Climbing, Achievement, and Perspective

Back in March, I took a rock climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in KY. Long story short, the climbing was beyond incredible, and once I returned to Boston, I was so amped up that I created a massive training program for myself, bought more and more gear, and spent too much time watching all of the bad-ass climbing videos YouTube has to offer. And, most relevant to this post, I set the long term goal to climb my first 5.12a by my 30th Birthday in September, a deadline which was roughly 6 months away. Continue reading “On Goals, Climbing, Achievement, and Perspective”

Month by Month Recap

Four and a half years ago, I started writing what I always referred to as ‘the book.’ I wrote the first bits (~50k words) of ‘the book’ back in 2012, in the downtime at my banking job. I then took a 15-month hiatus from writing to travel through South and Central America with my brother. When I came back in December of 2013, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I tried to move to London. That didn’t pan out. I then thought about getting a full-time marketing/content writing job here in Boston, but that didn’t feel right either. Finally, in May, I revisited ‘the book,’ and realized that I wanted to finish it. I wanted to give being an author a shot. So, I began to pour my energy into this project. Continue reading “Month by Month Recap”

What it means to be ‘a writer’

I’m a writer. A dreamer. A starving artist. A long haired coffee chugger. You know – a writer.

The truth is you haven’t heard of me. That’s because I’m that special breed of writer known as the aspiring writer. I am not a NYT bestseller. I am not even published. I do not get invited to conventions in order to spray audiences from my endless fount of wisdom. No, I am the type of writer who huddles in the dark corners of coffee shops, pounding away on my crumb covered keyboard, penning stories that may never make it into bookstores or onto Amazon. And, when I’m not writing, or sleeping, I’m working my ‘day jobs.’ Continue reading “What it means to be ‘a writer’”