About Me

Jonathan was born in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of four, he and his family moved east in very big, very loud, very exciting moving trucks, and landed in the coastal suburbs of Boston. Jonathan grew up cuddled up on a bean bag chair with his nose in books, with the first childhood favorites being the epic adventures (and feasts) in Brian Jacques’ Redwall series and the classic tales of Middle Earth. These led to Frank Herbert, C.S. Lewis, Orson Scott Card, Christopher Paolini and Robert Jordan, and his first attempt at story telling was at 12-years-old, when he and his best friend created a tale involving orcs and fighting twins and ninja stars and lost princesses.

Jonathan became editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, and then attended Georgetown University where he studied Psychology and English.  After graduating in 2009, he stepped into the wonderful world of education, where he promptly got his ass handed to him by a tenacious group of 5th and 6th graders in an urban DC school. Over the course of that teaching year, he developed enough material to fill a whole bookshelf with how-not-to-teach books, though that type of writing never really stuck. When summer finally showed up, Jonathan quickly left education and moved onto the next logical step–the quiet, stress free world of retail banking. It was during these two years–when he wasn’t working and wasn’t reading the likes of George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, and Patrick Rothfuss–that the first work started on ‘the book.’

‘The book’ was Jonathan’s first serious stab at fiction, and it brought with it the unreal and unexplainable joys of discovery writing. Come 2013, he had 50,00 words, and nervously gave it out to close friends and family to read. It was deemed ‘not completely terrible’ by some of his most honest and well read friends, which was, to say, incredibly encouraging.  So naturally, as logic would dictate, Jonathan decided to quit the bank job…to go traveling in South and Central America. During this trip, mountains were climbed, cities were explored, friends were made and feasts were had, and the writing project was largely placed on hold and replaced by a travel blog. 14 countries and 15 months later, he came back north and settled in Somerville MA,  resumed ‘the book’–which is now known as ‘The Heirs of the World‘–and has been seriously working on it ever since. Jonathan is currently the editor of the Philly Current Magazine, a freelance writer/editor, and a server/bartender at Flatbread Somerville.