On Goals, Climbing, Achievement, and Perspective

Back in March, I took a rock climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in KY. Long story short, the climbing was beyond incredible, and once I returned to Boston, I was so amped up that I created a massive training program for myself, bought more and more gear, and spent too much time watching all of the bad-ass climbing videos YouTube has to offer. And, most relevant to this post, I set the long term goal to climb my first 5.12a by my 30th Birthday in September, a deadline which was roughly 6 months away. Continue reading “On Goals, Climbing, Achievement, and Perspective”

Month by Month Recap

Four and a half years ago, I started writing what I always referred to as ‘the book.’ I wrote the first bits (~50k words) of ‘the book’ back in 2012, in the downtime at my banking job. I then took a 15-month hiatus from writing to travel through South and Central America with my brother. When I came back in December of 2013, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I tried to move to London. That didn’t pan out. I then thought about getting a full-time marketing/content writing job here in Boston, but that didn’t feel right either. Finally, in May, I revisited ‘the book,’ and realized that I wanted to finish it. I wanted to give being an author a shot. So, I began to pour my energy into this project. Continue reading “Month by Month Recap”